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We have lots exploring to do still and are expecting to see the top of most of the local mountain passes like Manning Park, Coquihalla and of course the Fraser and Thompson Canyons. Check back for new vids and I will keep posting in the galleries as I find more old stuff that I've had for years. 

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Around Hope
Living in Hope there is always somewhere new to explore.
BC Drone Flights
I go out and get some shots from the air and post them here. Current drone is DJI Mavic Mine.
Some of our adventures making small deliveries throughout Southern BC.
First Gen Drone Shots
While in Osoyoos, I had an early model drone that I used with a GoPro.
Hope Skyline
Hope views from above with the drone.
Hunter Creek Train Wreck
It was 6am when I heard a report of a train Wreck at Hunter Creek, so we went to check it out.
Manning Park Ski Shuttle
From the time I was employed as the Shuttle Driver at Manning Park.
My E-Bike Travels
Since 2017 I have been a fan of VoltBike and here I showcase some of our trips.
November Storm
After tne November 2021 storm, we know what an "atmospheric river" is.
Our Pets and Wildlife
While our pets are always entertaining, we also came across some wild animals too.
Some short videos of various topics.
Some of My Driving Gigs
From the time I was old enough to drive I drove. I was able to drive various over the years.
Spotted in BC
Things I have spotted during my travels.
Regarding the Trucking Industry.
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