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Truck Life in the 1980's

During the time of Expo '86 I was operating a 1 Ton Flatdeck for a small operation named Western Carriers. Expo was a blast but the fire was burning inside of me to hit the road doing the long haul thing.

I kept on doing the local P&D thing and slowly took lessons and any oportunity to practice for my Class One. One night when I was out with my good friend, Steve Campbell, we were driving down Marine Drive in Burnaby and asked what my most feared road to drive was. I answered, Patullo Bridge. Well, that was directly where we went, over and back, twice! Damn, that sucked, but we got 'er done.

On a later practice trip with Steve, we went up to Seymour Mountain and did doughnuts in the snow. Fuel sure was a lot cheaper then.

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