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Truck Fire!

After coming home from a long Haul, we came back into the yard in Delta and couldn't wait to get out of there and head home. Got the trailers parked and load paperwork all put away and it was time to go home.

The other driver that I was with parked near the Container Lift and plugged in his block heater for the night as it was expected to be cold that night. since there was only one plug, I left my truck and just headed home, hoping the next morning it would start.

Well, the next morning came and when I got into the yard I saw some fire trucks cleaning up and leaving. After watching the commotion, i found that the truck which was hooked up to the block heater had gone up in flames. Glad it wasn't mine. Doug and Al Stinson were furious because we needed that truck for a load that day.

There must have been an electrical problem which caused the truck to burn up.

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