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The First Katana 750 Sold in Vancouver, BC

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

For the previous year, 1981, I had been riding a Kawasaki KZ 650SR and we travelled very well together, except the time in front of MacLures Cabs on West 3rd, under the Granville Bridge, when I tried to pop a wheelie which didn't go well.

After a long ride one day, I ended up checking out the offerings from Goodfellow Motorsports at 4th and McDonald in Vancouver, BC. There it was, a brand new 1982 Suzuki 750 Katana, the latest and greatest from Suzuki at the time and I just had to have it. I was told at the time that if I did indeed buy it, I would have the first one sold in Vancouver. After some serious negotiations, I traded my Kawasaki and about $1600 for my brand new Katana.

It was great. Took some pics on the UBC corners, did a couple of small road trips and came to the conclusion that this bike put me, the rider, in an attack position, where all I wanted to do was be billy big racer, which gets expensive real fast.

After being the proud owner of that Katana, I couldn't get rid of it fast enough as my license was not going to be around if I didn't slow down, and this bike was a problem.

One day about 2 weeks after

purchasing the Katana, I stopped by Suzuki Center at 29th and Dunbar and spoke to the owner, Ernie, who desperately wanted a Katana, but apparently Suzuki was sold out and there was a waiting list for small dealers. After looking around at what was available at Suzuki Center, I found a brand new 1981 suzuki GS750 which I really liked. After some negotiations with Ernie, I would trade my Katana in for the 750. Ernie also had a brand new Suzuki GS 400, which was thrown into the deal, but I would leave it with Ernie, who would sell it and give me the money.

About 2 weeks after making the trade, my 400 was sold, I took the $1600 to the bank, paid off my $1600 loan. In the end I traded a tired 1978 Kawasaki KZ650SR straight across for a brand new 1981 Suzuki GS750.

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