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Sure It's Only 40,000lbs

A quick story

I loaded near Cleveland with 40000lbs of pipe and only had enough cash for dinner, toll roads or a scale... since I was good for about 47000lbs, I took a chance and had dinner and headed out. Somewhere in Indiana I pulled into a closed highway scale and found myself 3000lbs over gross...f#cker, that load was more like 51000lbs. Luckily I was fine in 🇨🇦, so I snuck through and avoided scales until I was back home. Glad I had a good atlas.

The scale at Fargo, westbound I94 and I29 was the best. A local driver gave me the plan when I asked about avoiding the scale on I94. The route was one exit north of I94, and westbound down a gravel road. There was a part where I would be visible from the scale so the lights had to be off. Best part was meeting another truck doing the same thing eastbound.

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