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Running For Hunterline

In early 1988, my buddy, Steve Campbell, went on the Hunterline Trucking Never/Never Plan and signed on to purchase a brand new Ford L9000 Highway Tractor. Since I was itching to learn to operate the big rigs, I got my license and hit the

road with Steve. Was nice to be in a new truck, but they never stay new for long.

One day, after load

ing in Calgary, we were hea

ding out of town, and decided to stop at the DQ on the Westside of Calgary for some to go food. all was well till i rested my butterscotch milkshake on the dashboard and it tipped, spilling a milky goo down the defrost vents.

Later that night, as we were descending down the West side of Rogers Pass, all of a sudden the engine stalls while we were going over 60kmh. Steve, being the professional driver that he is, got everything back under control, realizing that in snowy weather one should only use the engine brake on a low setting to ensure that the drive wheels do not lock up on the snowy roads.

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