Off to Brownsville Texas

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

The year was 2002 and I was working as a company driver, but trying to find a job that would allow me to not be on the road all the time.

One day, the boss asked if instead of doing the Seattle thing for a while did I, along with 2 other drivers want to haul a water plant to Brownsvile, Texas to be forwarded into Mexico. I say sure, the other guys agree, and we are all off to Pitt Meadows to load. After putting these loads across the three trucks, we are all on the road.

Sure is nice having the paperwork in order for all three of us as there was no problems and we crossed at Sumas in under 30 minutes. The first while was great and we all made good time and pulled into Yakima for the night.

Out of Yakima at 6am the next morning, we made good time and ended up in Bosie mid afternoon where Steve's truck had a problem, and he would have to wait a day for parts. Not wanting to hold up the delivery, myself and Mitch kept going, and expected Steve to come the same way and we could hook up again.

We made good time across the Lower part of Idaho, and into Utah for the night. The next day was amazing as we drove across Wyoming where Mitch and I stopped to take some Pictures. The heat was intense, so we just got some refreshments and hit the I80 Eastbound.

Abount 8pm that night we rolled into Denver and ran out of hours for the day. It was hot and we found a truckstop downtown with 2 vacant spots, talk about luck. It was like the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, but we had no problems and the next day we were on the road before sun up to a glorious sunrise eastbound out of Denver on I 70.