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My Honda VTX 1800c

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Surfing through Facebook one day a couple of weeks ago, I came upon an ad for a 1982 Harley Davidson Sturgis. After arranging to view it we show up at the owners house.The first thing I noticed were the foot pegs were just like on my 1982 FX from years gone by. I immidiately got a pain in my leg with the memory of many long rides on that Harley, cursing the footpegs. I know, I could always put forward controls, but I didn't want it that bad...

After looking around a little more I came upon this Honda VTX1800 for sale in Port Coquitlam. The problem was high miles, but after searching high mile 1800's on Google, the reviews indicated that as long as it is and has been well maintained, it should be good for double whats on it now.

It sure is fun grabbing a handful of throttle and that motor pulls like a train. The twisties can be fun, but one has to keep in mind that it's a big, heavy bike and not a CBR.

Everything checks out for now, but over the winter I will change all fluids, install new brake pads and refresh the suspension at both ends.

After a longer ride than around the block, it appears that I just can't get comfy. I find my butt has to be on the rear rim of the seat and my legs have to fold up too much to use the shifter and brake. I know I could just get a set of forward controls, but I'm not willing to bet the bike would be any better, I'm just getting old and that makes what was once fine, not fine any more.

At least I had some good local rides around Hope. The Hope Slide, up the Coquihalla and up to Yale in the Fraser Canyon.

Anyone looking for a great bike at a reasonable price... Sold!

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