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Into The Blackfoot Truckstop

On a clear, cold night, we came into Calgary, and thought we knew where to go. After a couple of wrong turns, we ended up on a dead end, and had to back up a block, in a residential area that we had no business being in. After being lost in downtown Calgary, with a 45' loaded flatdeck, we finally made our original destination The Blackfoot Truckstop on 17th SW.

The Blackfoot had an oldtime restaurant with the dropdown ads with a clock and a bunch of other cool stuff that I should have taken more pictures of...

As anyone who has been on the road understands, a good truckstop is hard to find, and it with fond memories that I write about these spot. Over the years, the Bigger and Better truckstop on Barlow Trail became the place to stop. I still preferred the Blackfoot.

To my surprise, they are still there. I know that I shall stop by the next time I am in Calgary.

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