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After a year with a Voltbike Kodiak

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

My first Voltbike was a Mariner and it proved to be a reliable, strong, well made ebike. So it was a no Brainer for me to stay in the Voltbike family. Being a big guy at 6'2 I wanted a big bike and the Kodiak fit the bill.

The thing about my Voltbike experience has been that from day 1 they have always worked the same. I come from the mc world where gas engines don't always work as they should. "How's your bike running?. The same...". Perfect...

George, the boss, is a stand up guy and stands behind his product as does all the staff.

The passenger floorboards have been removed but are easily put back on and there is a scratch or scuff here and there but it is a real workhouse, and with the right racks can haul a lot of stuff.

I ride on a lot of trails and now have purchased a Suntour suspension seatpost, and I'll update here.

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