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VTX 1800 C For Sale  $3900

I used to ride with a guy who had the first year VTX 1800. He put about 120,000 km on it and then had it refreshed with new fork springs and rear shocks and a basic tune up. I don't think it needed the shock work, but he is VERY particular about his bikes. Everything has to be perfect or he's not happy. He rode it to 150,000 km and then sold it only because he got a great deal on a brand-new one and got a very good buck for his old one. He said he wouldn't have hesitated to keep riding it well past 200,000 km. Last I heard he's got over 100,000 problem free km on the current one. If the bike has been maintained well and ridden well, I wouldn't hesitate. That big 1800cc engine is barely working unless your redlining it anyway!

GTAMC User Morrissey

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I bought this bike last week and Sunday went for a ride into Cloverdale. My legs do not allow me to get comfortable with it being a cruiser and the laid back ride. Now I remember why I liked my KLR as it was tall and the riding position fit my old body better.


The VTX has approx 100k, and runs like a champ. The bike has been well maintained and has many more km of life left. Lots of extra chrome, shop manual and a set of brake pads ready to install.


My plan was to replace all essential fluids as well as front springs and rear shocks and the brake pads over the winter. It may have high km, but all it needs is the maintenance kept up and its golden. Delivery available any where in BC for a fee.

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